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Ocean Prosperity Company Limited structure investments that adhere to our principles of comprehensive risk mitigation planning and implementation with strong returns on investments. We conduct comprehensive due diligence focusing on quality of construction, location and tenant profiles, market characteristics and any inefficiencies that exist in the assets.

Ocean Pro aspire to be recognized as much for our commitment to responsible business as for the quality of property investments as:

En Bloc Building, Hotel & Land

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Grade A Office & Prime Shop


House, Duplex & Signature Residence

Keeping up with the latest insights can give you great ideas for making the most of your wealth. That’s where Ocean Pro bringing you the views of investors around the world. We care about what’s happening locally as well as globally. We understand the big picture, but we also look at the detail. We use our fully integrated team to add value to the properties – by changing the approved use for the property, renovation, repositioning, leasing and redevelopment. Our Management team makes sure your portfolio reflects our analysts’ unique and most up to date ideas.


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